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I commented the use-agent line from my .gnupg/(as you can see above: it's not there any more), but the agent is still started on any of the following commands: $ LC_ALL=C gpg --gen-key gpg (Gnu PG) 2.1.15; Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.84c283c Update Test 8e286bb first doc commit 66c0aeb first doc commit 78fde76 first doc commit 8aac8e7 Merge branch 'master' into move-doc-to-repo e92a0e9 Merge pull request #1030 from parrt/move-faq-to-repo 85f453d finish adding the faq 35dc46e adding more faq 35bf8c4 adding a few sample faq files 25c8c88 adding a few sample faq files 52d45fe add index of faq 7be5962 finish adding the faq 4cd24f8 Merge pull request #1029 from parrt/hkff-master 482d8d4 resolve contrib conflict 3e79f72 adding more faq c8e022f adding a few sample faq files 77aa9ff adding a few sample faq files 48b7771 Merge pull request #1027 from parrt/HSorensen-javalr-fix a2fb725 resolve contrib conflict f25747d Merge pull request #1028 from parrt/brwml-master f662966 resolve contrib conflict 2e5cbc2 add index of faq 2106fdc signed ce50312 resolve conflict in contributors file 5148e15 Merge pull request #1026 from martin-probst/master 3756ae3 added myself to af9e8a1 fix #1023: get Expected Tokens() returns out of context tokens on consecutive runs e051b1a Fixing Buffered Token Token Stream() calls 0e09f8b Adding get Token Source in Buffered Token Stream 1ed689c Handle left-recursion overloads by disabling ambiguous method reference warning. 8bf480d Fixed non-informative Null Pointer Exception. This explicitly sets it to the parameterless method. a7a9804 Restrict certain token, channel, mode names. fce6c08 Update doc comment in C# target base listener and visitor classes to use correct method name.8abc110 Merge pull request #1012 from ericvergnaud/lexer-bug-in-javascript-runtime 2f1ea39 Merge pull request #1019 from fedotovalex/contrib f3fcc72 Signed contribution agreement. a14ba03 Changed error code (170), added grammar sample to description.Click here to receive automatic email notifications.We also recommend you sign up for our newsletter to stay current with what is going on at Foxit and take advantage of our periodic promotions.Triggers provide advanced users with the ability to write their own PHP scripts for such things as validating user input, and to have their code executed at the appropriate time. SQL triggers are included before or after insert, update, or delete of record.FORM triggers are included before displaying the form that will allow the corresponding operation, or after the user canceled this form.

Triggers are risky in basic My SQL as there is no native transaction support. There are transaction-safe table types in My SQL that can be conditionally built (see My SQL-Max), but php My Edit is currently not set up to support real transactions.I got the following error on my own Cloud desktop client, while trying to synchronise several files from one computer to another: Connection closed Operation cancelled My desktop client version is 1.6.4 running on Fedora 20, but updating to the latest 1.7.0 did not make any difference. 13);" 502101708580962391 20 "2010/C2C - Happy.mp3" 5334 0 "1412439481" "0" "7f7f4c6aeeab013e0de645862cd5225c" "00053921oc16982b0ad5" "SRDNVW" 4176668 05-13 :814 0x153a6f0 "DELETE FROM downloadinfo WHERE path=? Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3.~53f39eab" "6aa0d5374b5a95345b60fc589b57f300" 0 05-13 :830 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::commit Internal(const QString&, bool) Transaction commit "download file start" and starting new transaction 05-13 :831 0x153a6f0 virtual void OCC:: GETFile Job::start() OCC:: Bandwidth Manager(0x2a101f8) false false 05-13 :831 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Bandwidth Manager::register Download Job(OCC:: GETFile Job*) OCC:: GETFile Job(0x2b5b110) 05-13 :832 0x153a6f0 !!!The own Cloud server version I am using is 7.0.2 and while the desktop client is trying to access the files, the server logs HTTP GET 302. The oc_filecache did not contain any entries related to the "problematic" files. 1" "2010/C2C - Happy.mp3" 05-13 :815 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::commit Internal(const QString&, bool) Transaction commit "download file start2" and starting new transaction 05-13 :816 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Engine::slot Job Completed(const OCC:: Sync File Item&) "2010/C2C - Happy.mp3" INSTRUCTION_NEW 4 "" 05-13 :823 0x153a6f0 * Discarded as is hidden! C2C - Happy.mp3.~4a7c4e2" 05-13 :827 0x153a6f0 detected changes in paths: QSet("/media/stephane/CLE16MP3/2010/C2C - Happy.mp3") 05-13 :828 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Folder::watcher Slot(QString) Sync running, IGNORE event for "/media/stephane/CLE16MP3/2010/C2C - Happy.mp3" 05-13 :829 0x153a6f0 virtual void OCC:: Propagate Download File QNAM::start() "2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" 2 05-13 :830 0x153a6f0 "INSERT OR REPLACE INTO downloadinfo (path, tmpfile, etag, errorcount) VALUES ( ? OCC:: GETFile Job created for QUrl( "https://cloud.There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.Note: Use "gpg --full-gen-key" for a full featured key generation dialog.I think I have the same problem with Owncloud 8.03 and client 1.8.0 (build 38ef52) Here is the log from the client (owncloud --logwindow), at the moment of the error. 1" "2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" 05-13 :834 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Engine::slot Job Completed(const OCC:: Sync File Item&) "2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" INSTRUCTION_NEW 1 "Opération annulée" 05-13 :840 0x153a6f0 * Discarded as is hidden! Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3.~53f39eab" 05-13 :845 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::wal Checkpoint() took 0 msec 05-13 :846 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::commit Internal(const QString&, bool) Transaction commit "All Finished." 05-13 :847 0x153a6f0 CSync run took 120377 05-13 :848 0x153a6f0 virtual OCC:: Bandwidth Manager::~Bandwidth Manager() I'm having the same issue running encrypted OC 8.03 on allinkl shared hosting / my SQL and OC client 1.81 ... It will discover for awhile, then begin the download. I found the problem: [email protected] ~/Downloads % fetch NYca Xv0EFkvqt W/download download 0% of 2552 k B 6956 k Bps 00m00s fetch: download appears to be truncated: 15493/2613596 bytes [email protected] ~/Downloads % curl -I NYca Xv0EFkvqt W/download HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx/1.8.0 Date: Fri, GMT Content-Type: image/jpeg Content-Length: 2613596 Connection: keep-alive X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.32 Set-Cookie: oc6sh30jtvdm=4172f04245aff20db3a5e8ebb14c906f; path=/; Http Only Expires: 0 Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0 Pragma: public Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=0 X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff X-Frame-Options: Sameorigin Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; frame-src *; img-src *; font-src 'self' data:; media-src *; connect-src * X-Robots-Tag: none Content-Disposition: attachment; filename*=UTF-8''20150507_212737.jpg; filename="20150507_212737.jpg" Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary is correct.


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