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Dubbed the House Neiling II, it’s comprised totally from glass and wood, including a beautiful glass facade, a handful of homemade furniture and a custom bathroom and kitchen thanks to Grundmann’s collaboration with Thomas Pohl.

The motivation for the project surrounds the ideas of an old barn, venturing into the territory of low-cost, prefabricated materials that yield a modern look.

Why is it good to practice a little bit of yoga every day?

Practicing yoga is not always about getting a sweaty workout.

This thread is all about tickling our funny bones Menyons.

So if you know of any jokes, be they the corniest, dirtiest, or just plain silliest ones there are.

If you set aside a small amount of time during each day to practice some yoga, you can benefit from it even more in your everyday life.

But how can we fit yoga practice into our busy working lifestyles?

based out of Colorado are turning out gorgeous and bold designs that are tough enough to last as long as a cabin.

For example, the company just installed their Tent Cocoon at the Tree Bones Resort in the South of Big Sur.

While this is most definitely a tent, with a tough fabric pulled tightly over large metal ribs, it does not look like one from the inside.

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