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She was born to a middle class family of Talita and Doughtry Long, where both of them earned as a teacher.Nia has acquired her mixed ethnicity because her family has a diverse and rich decent.On the movie's 15th anniversary, leads Tate and Long, and co-star Isaiah Washington (who played Darius' married friend Savon Garrison) recount their fondest memories of working on the classic love story. ISAIAH WASHINGTON: I use a measurement – if I come to page 13 of the script, usually it's been a very powerful read and I know I want to be a part of it.First impressions of the script: NIA LONG: I was like, "I love this, and I want to do it." There was no question. I remember not being able to finish the showed Black love in a way that we hadn’t seen on film in a very long time, specifically our generation of young people.Long has had a tough experience of facing her parent’s divorce early on in her childhood, but that has helped this woman gain strength and boldness.With a height of five foot and six inches, this hot actress is mostly searched in wikis for her biography.Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere!

Like when the store owner said something about my mother, Larenz would’ve reacted, ‘What you say about my momma? Now I wouldn’t go that far but…[].” Behind The Scenes “When they were casting O-Dog they [were envisioning] your typical swole dude with tattoos. I walked in there and I [had] a fade with little designs in the back of my head. So by the time we got to film, I had grown my hair out and put braids in because I felt I needed something [edgy].

Nia made her name and is known for several roles she portrayed in the television shows and films.

"Love Jones'' is a love story set in the world of Chicago's middle-class black artists and professionals--which is to say, it shows a world more unfamiliar to moviegoers than the far side of the moon. This is the first movie in a while where the guy quotes Mozart, and the girl tells him he's really thinking of Shaw. The film's writer-director, Theodore Witcher, says he wanted to suggest a modern Chicago version of the Harlem Renaissance, but this is the 1920s filtered through modern eyes, and some of the parties they attend have conversation that sounds like hip campus faculty talk. She's on the rebound from her last man, and tells Darius "the timing is bad,'' but it starts looking pretty good.

TATE: I realized the impact when I would be walking somewhere and someone would be like, ". We opened the door to a film where African-Americans were on screen and they weren’t killing each other. I went back into my trailer and I literally wrapped myself with plastic bags to try to stay warm. WASHINGTON: The scene when my wife (played by actress Cerall Duncan) comes home and Savon looks up to God, grabs his wife and holds his son, and realizes that there’s a 50/50 chance that this relationship probably wasn’t going to make it.

Their favorite scenes: LONG: The scene in the rain where Darius and Nina have their last kiss. I didn’t expect for the rain to be that cold, because it was movie rain. There was a big argument about that scene because everyone was like, "Black women don’t like to get their hair wet, and this is unrealistic." That’s not true. And it was a gift from God that these two powerful personalities decided that, you know what, we choose to stay together.


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