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In 2013, 74 Ocean State residents were newly diagnosed with HIV.

Three in five were gay, bisexual, or other MSM, and of those 43 people, 22 told researchers they believe a man they met online gave them the virus, according to the study published online in the journal .

The research team interviewed 70 of the state's 74 newly diagnosed people for the study.

"This is a statewide study that included nearly all individuals newly diagnosed with HIV across an entire state," said Amy Nunn, associate professor of Public Health and Medicine at Brown University and director of the Rhode Island Public Health Institute.

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The incident was eventually reported to police, and the alleged assailant was arrested.

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A strong correlation has been found between new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men in Rhode Island and their use of online hookup sites.

Study authors have called for operators of hookup websites and apps to work with public health officials to include more prevention messaging.


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