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He, Blair and Serena are the only characters that appear in every episode of the TV series.

Dan Humphrey is the son of rock musician Rufus Humphrey and artist Alison Humphrey, and is the older brother of Jenny Humphrey. Jude’s School for Boys with eventual friends Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald.

His life changed dramatically when his father, Rufus Humphrey, married the wealthy Lily van der Woodsen, moving the family to the Upper East Side.

He is described as being attractive and sensitive, loves to write poetry, and one of his poems, "Sluts," was featured in The New Yorker.

Dan Humphrey: I just saw you with that key, I know you had it at the party. Look, regardless of who you're currently sleeping with, you and I come from different worlds.

Dan and Serena may be known as the ultimate experiment in Upper East Side dating, but did you know that there was chemistry between these two off screen as well?

At age 11, Badgley relocated to Hollywood and began pursuing an acting career.

Badgley also pursued a singing career during this time and recorded a pop single in 1998.

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Chuck: Who told you that little piece of advice, your boyfriend Nate? The problem was, I knew Dan was Gossip Girl before I even watched the show. So even from the very beginning, I wasn’t particularly fond of the beautiful hipster from Brooklyn. Daniel Randolph "Dan" Humphrey is a fictional character in the best selling Gossip Girl series of novels.He is one of the central male characters in the television adaptation of the same name, where he is portrayed by Penn Badgley.Dan Humphrey is the son of Rufus Humphrey and has a younger sister, Jenny, while his mother remains absent for the majority of the series.


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